5 Accessories To Transform Your Closet

We’ve all heard of the 10 basic essentials, like a fitted white tee and skinny jeans, we need to create endless outfits but a look is never complete without an accessory or two (or three…)! Check out these five accessories that can totally transform your closet.

1) Detachable Collar: Adding a colored or jeweled detachable collar (or even a collar necklace) can automatically change a top from conservative to fashionable. The multitude of different styles allows you to play up your outfits a different way each time you wear that cute sweater you just wore last week!


2) Cat Eye Sunglasses: The dramatic shape of cat-eye sunglasses will elongate your face and provide an easy, classic look to your outfit. Try a bright color like red for drama or a patterned style for fun!


3) Statement Necklace: Because statement necklaces vary so much by style, color, and embellishments, they make a perfect addition to any outfit. Their extravagance immediately adds depth and detail to the rest of your ensemble.


4) Cross-body Bag: A cross-body bag is the simplest but prettiest purse choice for any outfit because most of them are just small enough to fit only your essentials (like lipstick, phone, and mirror) so even though a purse is a necessity, it acts as an accessory, especially in an eye-catching color!


5) Set of Bangles: Every girl needs some arm candy, whether it be one gorgeous cuff or a charm bracelet. A set of bangles on one arm (or even both!) draws attention to the extra details of your outfit, like rings, and adds a POP to your clothes.




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