5 Must-Have Fashion Apps

1. Covet Fashion: With tons of great new styling challenges every day and chances to unlock different hairstyles and makeup for your model, Covet is a chance for fashion professionals to experiment with new looks or just-for-fun beginners to try their hand at becoming a fashionista.

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2. Vinted: Not everybody wants to spend the money on designer items and not everybody can. But with secondhand clothing buying/selling apps, you can finally get that Betsey Johnson purse you’ve been eyeballing for half the price! Vinted is both a mobile and desktop platform in which users can sell their clothing or buy somebody else’s pre-loved items. Subtracting a small listing fee, users sell their items, ship them using the provided Vinted labels, and receive the money in their Vinted “wallet” as soon as the buyer approves the purchase.

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3. Stylebook: Consider Stylebook your own personal stylist. Simply upload pictures of your wardrobe then mix-and-match outfits, scheduling them for weeks ahead to ensure no morning-of wardrobe malfunctions or late-night fashion breakdowns.

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4. Pose: Considered the “Instagram for fashion”, Pose is a photo-community of fashion enthusiasts. Share photos of your outfit-of-the-day, post the heart eyes emoji on a picture of your friend’s new kimono, and even shop directly through each post. Even supermodel Coco Rocha uses the app, saying “The idea is a good business model for young fashionistas, and a new, legitimate way to monetize on social media”.

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5. Fashion Star Boutique: If you’re not looking for anything too serious but need something to play while you’re stuck in traffic, enjoy the fun of Fashion Star Boutique while you design your own clothing to sell at your boutique and earn stars for completing special “client requests”, like designing a sequin skirt perfect for New Year’s Eve.

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