Shoe Trends That Make A Statement

GLITTER AND GOLD: I’m usually a silver kind of girl but when it comes to these beauties, I might have to start embracing the gold life. From glittery YSL maryjanes to sleek strappy Aigner heels, you can’t go wrong with a golden gait.

BEDAZZLE: If you want to challenge your inner (or outer) Lady Gaga, rhinestones and sparkles are the easiest way to get some stalker shots of “that girl’s crazy shoes” trending on Instagram.

KNEE-HIGHS: Sometimes your shoes deserve to take center stage. When that’s the case, you need killer knee-high boots (and sometimes even thigh-high if you’re feeling really wild).

BOOTIES: Just because tall boots get lots of love doesn’t mean booties don’t deserve any. Paired with skinny jeans or a bodycon dress, booties are versatile enough to wear with anything and still be mega cute.

TRUNKS: Giamba by Giambattista Valli has mastered the art of thick heels and strappy goodness. Veering away from regular pumps, shoes with chunky heels are fun and edgy.

DARK MOON: Though black is a universally successful color to accessorize with, it doesn’t have to be boring. Sparkle with Lanvin or rock out with Saint Laurent with one-of-a-kind shoes that just so happen to go with everything.

STANDING PRETTY: For a sweet pop of color, match basic white pieces with pretty-in-pink pumps, like Prada’s chunky heels or Alexander McQueen’s futuristic floral shoes.

SHAPES AND STRAPS: Without additional elements like straps or zippers, a pair of heels can look like just that. But add a series of neon belt straps or a geometric heel and you’ve already made a statement.

STATEMENTS: Not everybody can handle a pair of sophisticated, basic red pumps, and not everybody wants to. Instead of throwing on plain black heels for the third day in a row, return to your childhood carnival with Dolce & Gabbana or go back to the days of teen magazines and Aaron Carter posters on your wall with Moschino velvet wedges.


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