How To Keep Your Purse In Tip-Top Shape

It’s easy for our cutest crossbody bag or Mary Poppins purse to get a little messy inside thanks to uncapped pens and faulty lipsticks. But there’s a simple solution to keeping your bag in perfect shape–never leave anything unattended! Treat your purse as a vessel for other bags; sort of like one of those crazy cool and seemingly never-ending Matryoshka dolls your mom keeps trying to pass on to you.

  • Make-up: For lipsticks, mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner, use a small make-up pouch to keep them all together so they won’t leak into your purse’s interior fabric.
  • Lotions: For things like acne cream or hand lotion and hand sanitizer, use a large ziplock baggie. Keep the caps tight so they don’t leak in the plastic bag and be sure to let the air out of the bag before tightening the lock so it’ll get extra small and won’t take up much room in your purse!
  • Pens: Everybody carries a few pens or pencils in their bag so you might as well invest a small pencil pouch. It won’t take up much room at all and will prevent any major ink spillage!
  • Cash: Always be careful with your money and gift cards! Even if you just whip out a few dollars for a coffee and get change back, take the extra 30 seconds to store it all in your wallet so you’re not losing valuable quarters or singles in the linings of your purse.

By utilizing multiple mini bags within your purse, not only will your items be much easier to locate when you’re on line and that jerk behind you is rushing you to get your wallet out, but you’ll have a ton of extra space for a notebook or mini calendar or a pair of sunglasses. The best part of all is your bag will remain in perfect condition without the risk of stains or tearing from all the weight of strewn about products!


3 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Purse In Tip-Top Shape

  1. I use multiple mini bags and it helps so much! It’s also beneficial to down size bags to clutches or cross body bags to prevent clutter! And good tip for pens! Number of times j had to toss my designer stuff was crazy from ink! Thanks for the tips!


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