How To Get More For Your Money

How To Get Free Stuff… With No Strings Attached!
It’s easy to overlook the price tags for your favorite nail polish or the new Balenciaga perfume that just came out. But when you can score super cheap deals, it’s worth it to pass on OPI’s cute new color for a significantly cheaper–free–luxury.

Perfume: Since most of us get magazine subscriptions for its written content like articles and interviews or to see fashion campaigns, it’s easy to quickly flip pages and miss all the extra goodies that top magazines contain. Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Allure all include free perfume samples, often between 3 and 6 each issue. After you’re done reading, go back through your magazine and cut out each perfume strip and arrange them in a bright colored cup, an elegant vase, or a rustic mason jar. Not only do they act as a necessity, but they pose as a decoration, too! They add up quickly so you’ll have tons of perfume to last you before you’ll need to actually hike to the store and buy a bottle. When you’re late for class or work, grab a strip of perfume and apply it on the go. It’s fun to see what different scents you encounter each day!

Lillian Lalo on Pinterest
Photo by Lillian Lalo on Pinterest

Coupons and Gift Cards: Along with perfume samples, a lot of magazines offer gift cards, savings cards, and coupons. You also might get these in the mail with catalogues or newsletters. It’s easy to toss ‘em with the rest of the junk mail but try to save them! Keep all your coupons together and organize them in an extra wallet to keep in your purse. You’ll be surprised how convenient a $1 off coupon can be when you’re crunched for cash. Be very careful about expiration dates: check your coupons once in a while to make sure they’re still valid.

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Reward Cards: Don’t be afraid to ask for a reward card when you hit up your favorite bagel shop or the mall. Lots of stores offer a reward system for frequent customers where if they buy a certain dollar amount of items or buy 5 of a certain product, they’ll get either store credit or a free item. Collect as many as you can and keep them in your wallet at all times! Eventually your errands will add up and you’ll benefit from a free small beverage or $15 off your next order.



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