The Fashion Of The Kardashians

Whether you love to hate them or hate to love them, the Kardashians built an empire simply by being and are now regarded as fashion and business icons. Check out some of our favorite looks by each of the Kardashian sisters below. Whose style do you want to steal and whose style would you kick out of your closet?

Kourtney Kardashian: The first-born sister of the Kardashian clan is the most versatile of the group, often alternating between cool and casual looks with ripped jeans and a tee, cute cocktail dresses, and feminine get-ups with flirty styles and always a pair of great heels. Kourt also knows how to accessorize, always matching a stylish handbag to the rest of her outfit.

Kim Kardashian: Kanye’s boo always looks on point, opting for classic black looks, whether it be a structured jumpsuit or a gorgeous gown. When she’s not wearing head-to-toe black, she lets a sneak-peak pop of color brighten her up. Kim K’s also known for flaunting her curves, often wearing hip-hugging pencil skirts and crop tops to show off her toned stomach.

Khloe Kardashian: Khloe isn’t afraid of a little color, wearing bright outfits or at least accessorizing with a yellow tote or cute clutch. She’s proud of her curves (as she should be!) so she can be caught in sexy skirts or slit dresses when she’s going out. Her street style has her cool and comfortable, pairing faded jeans with a simple shirt and statement jacket.

Kendall Jenner: The Kardashian clan’s most successful fashion icon (her first high-fashion gig was just two years ago) alternates between “cool girl” and “haute couture” like it’s nobody’s business. When she’s out and about, she’s usually wearing jeans, boots and a crossbody bag, but at events, she transitions to gorgeous gowns and chic two-piece getups.

Kylie Jenner: Kylie Jenner is arguably the edgiest of her sisters, often experimenting with geometric and patterned outfits, and constantly changing her hair from cropped to all the way down to her butt, from mint to bleached blonde. She loves straightforward black outfits but also wears sexy skin-tight dresses to show off her body and cute skirts for a more youthful look.



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