Handbag Appreciation Post

Big, Blue, and Beautiful: For a pop of color, look no further than these blue beauties, like Versace’s eyelet-type handbag to a sparkly Armani Prive clutch.

Camouflage: These unique pieces were all designed especially to match each model’s outfit on the runway, like Chanel’s patterned shoulder bags and pretty pastel tote from Manish Arora.

Clutch Crush: If a purse with a strap is too cumbersome for you, an elegant clutch might be the perfect piece. Play around with Elie Saab embellishments or keep it calm with a sophisticated Jil Sander clutch.

Crisp and Clean: If you want to leave color on your clothing and keep it simple with your accessories, take a cue from Dior purses or a cute Chanel bag.

Crossbody Hottie: Bags like these wildly different Chanel crossbody purses are perfect for when you want your bag to become a part of your outfit. Either match it to your dress or make it pop with color.

Pink Purse Purity: Whether it’s a dark and moody or pale and pastel, pink is always a gorgeous color to experiment with.

Shapeshifter: For those of us who want something a little more outside of the box (pun intended!), a spherical purse, like Emilio de la Morena’s, is a great way out of the norm.

Sparkle: When plain and simple just won’t cut it, make your wardrobe pop with a sparkly Betsey Johnson pouch or Versace clutch.

Statements: Who says a purse has to have four sides with a strap or buckle? Try out a McDonalds-inspired Moschino cartoon purse or mimic your favorite perfume with a clear Chanel bag.

Word War: Fashion is about letting our clothes speak for us. Try out your voice with one-of-a-kind Chanel purses.


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