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CARRIE x2: Sex & The City vs. The Carrie Diaries

Before Carrie Bradshaw was a big-shot newspaper columnist and fashion magazine editor, she was a fashion-obsessed teenager with a lot of dreams and a lot of clothes. TV show Sex & The City followed ambitious and quirky Carrie in her adult life from 1998 to 2004 but in 2012, The CW launched The Carrie Diaries, a prequel series that focused on Carrie’s life as a teen in the 80s pursuing her passions. Though some aspects of the show vary wildly from both the book version and original show, the storylines remained the same, and Carrie’s style is just as innovative, colorful, and swoon-worthy as always. See our 15 favorite looks from both Carries right here: 

1) Check out both Carries wearing full-skirts with similar hi-lo lengths. Where Sex & The City Carrie pairs hers with a casual t-shirt and colorful purse, Carrie Diaries Carrie matches her polka-dot prom dress with pink and orange heels.

2) Normally, Carrie Bradshaw is popping with color, but sometimes she opts for classic black, like with a striped skirt or plain black pumps.

3) To bundle up in cool weather, S&TC Carrie warms up with a long cardigan and knee-high socks, while Carrie Diaries Carrie wears a long coat with some winter accessories.

4) Both Carries are known for their eclectic wardrobe so it’s nothing new for them to wear a huge floral pullover with a gorgeous dress or mix stripes with florals and lots of colors. 

5) For a night out, Carrie opts for sexy body-con dresses, high heels and a statement necklace.

6) Layering is one of Carrie’s skills so pairing a fur coat or green blazer with a full skirt is just the usual.

7) They might not look happy but at least they’re stylish. While S&TC Carrie wears a one-of-a-kind vest top, Carrie Diaries Carrie wears her usual peacoat with polka-dot tights.

8) Always one for a killer piece of outerwear, Carrie wears anything from star-printed trenchcoats to baby pink jackets.

9) For a flirty and feminine look, both Carries opt for flouncy floral dresses with a tulle layer.

10) When it’s time to head out with the girls, a body-con dress is perfect on both ends, either classic black or colorful rainbow. 

11) When it’s time to go casual–which let’s face it, rarely happens for Carrie–jeans and a crop top make the perfect outfit.

12) Plain white dresses finally stand out when Carrie adds gold trim, huge flowers, and circus-y ruffles.

13) Carrie can never get enough of a gorgeous tulle skirt whether she’s pairing it with a structured blazer or animal-print cardigan.

14) You’re not Carrie Bradshaw if you haven’t looked like a big ol’ stick of cotton candy at least once with a tie-dye dress.

15) When green is in this season, Sex & The City Carrie wears a strapless emerald green floral dress and Carrie Diaries Carrie matches a cropped green denim jacket to a pretty polka-dotted dress.


3 thoughts on “CARRIE x2: Sex & The City vs. The Carrie Diaries

  1. Love 4 & 6! And 7, 9, 13.. for both.. I really just love every older Carrie outfit and I adore younger Carrie’s dress in 14! I need an apartment for all my clothes ha


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