Lessons From A Faux Fashionista

I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. In fifth grade, I launched my own pretend business called “Sparkle Designs” and carried around a huge binder overflowing with amateur sketches of models with eyes as big as their head and spindly fingers (I could never get the hands quite right) wearing A-line… Continue reading Lessons From A Faux Fashionista


The Power Of Fashion: Multi-Media Evolution

Architecture in Fashion: When Blair Waldorf said that fashion is “movement, design, and architecture all in one”, she wasn’t lying. One of the biggest artistic inspirations (and the most fascinating) is architecture because it encompasses all elements of fashion: design, structure, sustainability, pattern, and material.  This collaboration between pattern-dedicated creative studio Patternity and clothing company Chinti &… Continue reading The Power Of Fashion: Multi-Media Evolution

Style Icons

Style Icon: Alexa Chung

She’s been a muse to some of the most well-known designers across the world, even getting a Mulberry handbag named after her, and is frequently hailed as a style icon in popular culture and publications. English model and fashion writer Alexa Chung has carved a distinct personal style sought after by professionals and fans alike. She perfectly blends… Continue reading Style Icon: Alexa Chung

Designer Spotlights

Designer Spotlight: Holly Fulton

Who? Holly Fulton When? Born 1977 Where? Born in Edinburgh, Scotland but currently based in London, England What? Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection Young Scottish designer Holly Fulton didn’t intend to get into the fashion industry. First, she wanted to be a veterinarian, but switched her major in college, obtaining a fashion textiles degree in Edinburgh. Since graduating… Continue reading Designer Spotlight: Holly Fulton


The Fashionable Fannings: Elle and Dakota

They’ve been slaying the big-screen since they were kids and it seems crazy to think they’re adults now. Elle Fanning, 18, and Dakota Fanning, 22, are two of the most well-known sister duos in film and for good reason. Not only are they both incredible talents (Elle’s performance in Super 8 and Dakota’s in The… Continue reading The Fashionable Fannings: Elle and Dakota