Spread Kindness Award

Image by Bella Bee

Last week, the lovely beauty blogger Bella Bee nominated me for her new award called Spread Kindness. The idea is to spotlight some special blogs that deserve some recognition for either their great content or the great personalities. Here are the (suggested) rules:

  1. List anywhere from 2 to 10 blogs that you want to thank for their support
  2. Give a little insight as to what their blog is about
  3. Link back to their blog, either a specific post you enjoyed or their home page
  4. Nominate any number of blogs that are either new to the blogging scene or have caught your attention in a separate list
  5. *If you’re on the receiving end of the nominations, give a shout out to the blog who nominated you or include them in your list of blogs to thank when you accept the award*

So, drumroll please, here are my nominations for brilliant blogs that deserve some loving!

  • Bella Bee, obviously, because she’s a super sweet beauty blogger who comes up with some great ideas (like her Wednesdays We Love Pink posts!)
  • Julia, from Don’t Change The Chanel  is a great fashion blogger with a relatable personality and she’s always posting ridiculously cute bags and OOTDs
  • Cassy, from Baubles And Knots is a fashion blogger with great original content, like her outfit challenges in which she creates 3 new outfits using one article of clothing
  • Brit, from Oh! Ducky Darling is a fashion blogger with to-die for vintage outfit posts and gorgeous photoshoots
  • SimplyJCM is a fashion and beauty blog with tons of pretty pictures and helpful styling tips
  • Claudia Marie  is a beauty blogger with approachable, easy-to-follow content and great beauty advice
  • Adrienne, from Beyond The Exterior is a creative and passionate fashion blogger with frequent and fashionable posts
  • Debriel and Sonia, from Naturally Pretty And Cute are  fashion and beauty bloggers with fun, inspiring OOTDs

Though there are tons of fashion bloggers out there I’d love to give props to, these are just a few that really deserve the spotlight 🙂


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