We Love Pink

On Wednesdays We Love Pink

Welcome to my third weekly Wednesday post dedicated to my favorite color, pink! This weekly post trend was started by Bella Bee beauty blog  and I’ve since followed along because I cannot resist pink. Today, I experimented with a flowy loose style that I’m not used to often. I paired a blush pink maxi skirt with a knee-length pink floral top from Forever 21 which was interesting because there were two wildly different lengths with a layering effect. I added a black rope belt at first to slice the two separate articles but ended up preferring the unencumbered bohemian style.


For running a few on-campus errands, I brought along my signature bunny purse, a DIY project I made recently (easy peasy… I snagged the felt rabbit pouch for $1 at Target then bought pink ribbon and stapled it to the body to make a crossbody bag. I can’t sew and I’m creatively inept so it looks sloppy but it works perfectly for me!) and pink eyelet flats (not pictured). I tinted my lips slightly with Candie’s “Strawberry Chiffon” lip butter and got some (embarrassingly hilarious) modeling tricks from my pretty pink fashion poster.


Love pink? Make your own On Wednesday We Love Pink posts and I’ll link to your blog on my next post! Let us know in the comments if you’ve found any pretty-in-pink pieces you’re dying to share.



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