The Fashionable Fannings: Elle and Dakota

They’ve been slaying the big-screen since they were kids and it seems crazy to think they’re adults now. Elle Fanning, 18, and Dakota Fanning, 22, are two of the most well-known sister duos in film and for good reason. Not only are they both incredible talents (Elle’s performance in Super 8 and Dakota’s in The Secret Life Of Bees are just a few of many that come to mind), they both have great style. Elle often plays with feminine elements and pretty pastels while Dakota opts for sleek and casual attire. But, of course, like all sisters, even the Fannings have their similarities. Check out our top favorite outfits from each fashionable sister below and tell us your favorites in the comments!

1) Both choosing spaghetti strap bright red dresses, Elle and Dakota look more alike than ever, though Elle chose a sophisticated, sexy number to Dakota’s soft fringe dress.

2) Elle carries a small white purse with her baby blue jacket and gingham skirt while Dakota rocks a navy top and shorts at the Sundance Film Festival.

3) When it comes to dresses, maybe the girls do differ sometimes. Elle wears a unique sea-foam green dress with embellishments while Dakota tries out an edgy netted navy blue dress.

4) While Elle looks just like her Sleeping Beauty character from Maleficent in a shiny pink draped dress, her sister challenges a darker look with a black structured dress.

5) Both sisters look chic and cool in their street style with long jackets, plenty of dark pieces, and big sunglasses.

6) When they cross their legs and wear sparkly cocktail dresses, it’s obvious they’re related, if their mutual acting talent didn’t already give it away.

7) For a day out, the girls stay casual with a cute bandeau and flirty skirts with a few light accessories.

8) When the summer begs for some outdoors fun, the girls choose two-piece outfits or pretty boho dresses and crossbody bags.

9) Blonde hair, pale skin, and pretty white dresses at award shows make the Fanning sisters look like snow princesses.

10) For formal wear, Elle chooses a gorgeous flowing princess gown while Dakota stays sleek and sexy with a shimmering bodycon gown.


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