The Power Of Fashion: Multi-Media Evolution

Architecture in Fashion: When Blair Waldorf said that fashion is “movement, design, and architecture all in one”, she wasn’t lying. One of the biggest artistic inspirations (and the most fascinating) is architecture because it encompasses all elements of fashion: design, structure, sustainability, pattern, and material.  This collaboration between pattern-dedicated creative studio Patternity and clothing company Chinti & Parker resulted in an avant-garde, geometric collection inspired by the patterns, lines, and details of typical architecture.

Music in Fashion: Remember when every chain retail store carried that collection of sweatshirts with the headphones built into the drawstrings? Sure, they never quite worked the way we thought they would and your mom had to return it after a month, but the concept was pretty cool. Berlin-based company Trikoton advances the idea of implementing sound into fashion with a knitwear collection that actually transfers vocal waves directly into the material. When you record a message through the website, the designers then convert the sound modulations and frequency into binary codes for knitting patterns like on the pretty scarf below so you can hold your loved one’s voice close to your heart.

Trikoton transfers vocal waves to clothing.

Film in Fashion: Film and television have given us some of the most beloved style icons of all-time (I’m looking at you, Cher from Clueless! Where would we be without plaid two-pieces?). TV’s most fashionable talents have endless wardrobe budgets (Gossip Girl stars regularly wore Marchesa and Elie Saab gowns) but what about when fashion takes its inspiration from film? American designer Thom Browne must have been inspired by Hunger Games’ one-of-a-kind wardrobe when he released his spooky, unique collection a few months later. Though Browne’s designs were more subtle, menswear designer Bobby Abley launched an entire collection based on The Little Mermaid, images of the Disney movie’s characters adorning thick sweatshirts and tanks.

Environment in Fashion: Maybe your final challenge before you graduated FIT was to design a collection based entirely out of recycled materials. We’ve all seen the crazy dresses and we’re sure Lady Gaga has a few in her closet, but nobody does it better than eco-couture designer Gary Harvey. Using recycled clothing and other materials, he premiered a gorgeous couture collection to raise awareness of environmental issues. Standouts include the halter dress made out of newspapers and the vintage dress designed using recycled jackets that certainly doesn’t look like your average coat rack.

Literature in Fashion: If your true passion is words, you’re no longer limited to reading or writing them: with bibliophile fashion, you can wear them too. Tons of DIY shops on Etsy sell scarves and bags printed with entire books or necklaces that look like mini books. In order to promote fairytale author Claire Massey’s latest book, LitFest commissioned bridal designer Jennifer Pritchard Couchman to create a gown made entirely of book pages.

Tell us in the comments your favorite way fashion has transformed other art forms!


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