5 Chic Street Style Fashion Blogs

1) The Sartorialist

When The Sartorialist launched online over a decade ago, it quickly became a fashion haven for industry professionals and amateur fashionistas alike. Founder Scott Schuman began the blog in 2005 after leaving a fashion sales position, opting instead to take care of his young daughter, which led him to carrying a camera with him in New York City where he began capturing street-style looks he believed could be used as inspiration for other fellow designers. After 11 years, The Sartorialist is still active and continues to showcase fashion not just in NYC, but worldwide too. With easy site navigation by categories, The Sartorialist has tons of fashion inspiration for the chic, the cool, and the casual.

2) FaceHunter

If you’re looking to dive headfirst into endless possibilities of fashion, FaceHunter is the blog for you. Ten years ago, Swiss fashion photographer Yvan Rodic began posting his snapshots online, thus beginning the FaceHunter blog. Rodic manages to capture a wonderfully diverse group of people worldwide at cultural events and fashion events, allowing readers to immerse themselves in and be inspired by the style of other cultures. With over 700 pages of one-of-a-kind street style, FaceHunter has it all.

3) Streetgeist

Streetgeist is a Los Angeles street-style blog covering the entire LA area including Santa Monica, CA and Redondo Beach. The blog actually originated in Greece in 2008 but relocated to LA in 2010 where it continues capturing the street-style movement. Honoring random strangers with killer style passing by on the street, Streetgeist has a special element of intimacy by taking the time to ask each fashionista’s name, giving character to clothing. Not as flashy or chic as others, the appeal of Streetgeist is the real, every-day people it captures.

4) Where Did U Get That

Born in London, living in New York, blogger Karen Blanchard was desperate to know where she could find the best secret shopping meccas in NYC, which led her to sharing her own secrets and photographing fashionable people on the streets to see where they got their cool pieces. Rather than just taking pictures and running away, Where Did U Get That offers an interactive shopping experience by satiating our fashion hunger and cluing us in on where we can get the pieces we fell in love with on the blog.

5) Easy Fashion: Paris

Photo-journalist Fred takes to the streets of Paris to capture the elegant or cool casual looks of Parisians every day. With high-quality photos taken with an obvious eye for fashion photography, the looks on Easy Fashion are to die for and you’ll even find tons of other great fashion resources on the site too, like Fred’s fashion favorites and other brilliant fashion blogs.


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