Taylor Swift & Co: Hollywood’s Most Stylish Squad

If you’re dying for an invite into Taylor Swift’s squad, you probably have to be either a famous model, a famous singer, or a famous actress. Be prepared to stun the paparazzi with show-stopping gowns and tons of giggles. The multi-platinum selling pop princess is known in the industry for her genuine personality and big heart, so it’s no wonder that she has so many best friends. Together, the girls are an explosion of style, but individually, they have their own looks to set them apart from each other, like Gigi Hadid’s chic street style or Selena Gomez’ edgy sophistication. Tell us in the comments who you think has the best style in T-Swift’s squad!

1) Taylor Swift

While most of her friends tend to choose cool and casual, Taylor opts for a sunny style full of flirty dresses and floral print or vintage-inspired looks paying attention to fit and color. Dress like Swift: patterns, body-con, two-piece outfits, colored heels, sunglasses, high-waisted, A-line dresses, red lipstick 

2) Selena Gomez

She started out as a young Disney Channel actress, so first it was long curly locks and frilly dresses, but Selena’s style has changed since then. Though she keeps it formal in long gowns, she tends to hit the streets with a cool-girl menswear influence. Dress like Selena: loose pants, sparkly formal wear, turtlenecks, neutrals, black and white 

3) Lena Dunham

The Girls actress always manages to look relatable with a wardrobe that could rival those of regular teenage girls everywhere. Whether she’s wearing jeans and a sweatshirt or a sweet dress, Lena always looks cute. Dress like Dunham: patterned dresses, sweaters, mixing prints, oxford shoes 

4) Cara Delevingne

This supermodel is the epitome of in-your-face street style. Her badass fashion sense is full of menswear, punk, and grunge influence, with sexy dresses only hitting the biggest events but keeping it cool on the streets. Dress like Cara: fitted trousers, suit separates, leather jackets, ripped jeans, all black

5) Gigi Hadid

Gigi’s modeling career has skyrocketed recently so she’s being photographed everywhere–it’s a good thing she looks so good no matter what she wears. She stays casual with wardrobe basics but turns them classy with the way she wears them. Dress like Gigi: tight pants, cropped tees, sunglasses, shoulder bags, long jackets, t-shirt dresses

6) Hailee Steinfeld

Young actress Hailee has a sort of big sister/little sister inspiring relationship with T-Swift but one thing she doesn’t have to learn is style. She stays sweet with a hint of sophistication for her street style. Dress like Hailee: fitted silhouettes, colorful skirts, collared tops, youthful patterns

7) Karlie Kloss

Swift’s BFF (and total lookalike) Karlie has a style that’s always chic and put-together when she’s hitting the streets of NYC in skinny pants and sophisticated tops, always looking effortlessly cool. Dress like Karlie: skinny jeans, casual blouses, maxi dresses, blazers, accessories 


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