Fashionista: Jayne from Electra Violet

Who? Jayne, 19 year old UK fashion blogger (check out her blog: Electra Violet)

Hailing from Liverpool, young blogger Jayne launched her fashion blog, Electra Violet, back in 2013, after she stumbled on the fashionable online world through vigorous beauty guru Youtube searches. She fell in love with fashion blogging so much that she’s headed to London in a few months to study fashion journalism. In the meantime, she works hard on her blog, using it as a photo diary for her elegant, classic outfits and giving her readers tons of celebrity inspiration. Jayne’s style seems to swim in different eras, with 70s-esque influences, 1960s beauty looks, and pops of modern influence. See our favorite looks from Jayne below and let us know if we missed any looks you love from her. To learn more about her style, read our exclusive interview with her below:


First, can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
My name is Jayne, I’m 19 and from Liverpool, UK. I started my blog at age 15 when I first decided I wanted to pursue fashion journalism as a career and since then, my love for writing has thrived. I write mainly about fashion through a variety of forms such as outfit posts and wishlists but also on other topics within the industry that interest me. Recently however, I have been exploring more general, lifestyle centered posts alongside writing about fashion. Above all, I like my blog to feel authentic, I don’t really have any set rules – whatever I am feeling goes – I think not putting too much pressure on myself allows me to be more creative. If I am not feeling a post, I will never force it.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Vintage, Inspired & Eclectic.

Which 3 items in your closet would you not be able to live without?
Vintage Levi’s 501 jeans, a roll neck and ankle boots – a simple, go-to outfit if I am ever stuck.

What is the most surprising item in your wardrobe?
Probably my most recent purchase – a red Topshop jacket which is a rather quite sporty choice as it resembles that of a tracksuit jacket. The athleisure for daywear trend has never been my vibe but for some reason I just love that jacket.

Name your favorite model, your favorite designer, and your favorite fashion blogger, and favorite fashion magazine.
At the moment I am loving Camille Rowe, she has such a fresh look and I adore her style. My favourite fashion designer has to be a tie between Miu Miu and Gucci, I love their nostalgic designs and how I dream of owning a pair of Gucci loafers – such a classic. I adore so many fashion bloggers but my favourite at the moment has to be Sophie Milner of Fashion Slave, her posts are always an intriguing read and her clothes are a dream too. My favourite fashion magazine just has to be Vogue, such a cliche answer I know but there is just something so special about that publication that always has me wanting to read more, I am lured to it.

What is your dream job in the fashion industry?
Fashion journalist, definitely.

What is your go-to beauty look? Hair, makeup, etc.
Winged eyeliner and a nude lip is my everyday look in regards to makeup and I usually loosely curl my hair. I wish I was better at mastering an effortless appearance but winged eyeliner has me under its unforgiving spell. I almost feel bare without it.

Where do you get your biggest fashion inspiration from?
Although I take inspiration from a wide range of sources, fashion blogs are definitely the biggest influence on my sartorial desires. I love the diversity and authenticity that the platform of a blog allows, there is so much out there to take inspiration from, it’s a never-ending source – especially with the likes of Instagram and Pinterest.

Connect with Jayne on her blog, Twitter, and Instagram


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