2017: The Year of Fearless Fashion

I can’t remember the last time I made a real New Year’s resolution, but I have a feeling it probably had something to do with desserts and I kicked the tradition when I broke it the next day with a plate of cookies. My goal is to always be better, be kinder, do more, create more, and I don’t need a new year to convince me to keep that up. Fashion resolutions, on the other hand, are right up my alley! As much as I love fashion, I’ve always felt limited when it comes to my wardrobe. I envision these head-turning, eye-catching looks and conjure up designs in my mind, but I don’t always have the resources (financially or creatively) to make them happen. In 2017, I’m hoping to experiment more by working with what I’ve got and trying things I haven’t gotten a chance to work with yet. Each month I’ll highlight one new trend or item I’m experimenting with, be it something I’ve never worn and don’t even own yet (I’m looking at you, off-the-shoulder tops and cute clutches) or just kicking it up a notch with things that need a fun improvement (like painting my nails a new color every day). 2017 will be the year of fearless fashion for me and maybe you too!

January: Layering

I’ve always admired the way I see people layer their clothes, but I always end up looking like the Michelin Man when I try. I want to work on cleaner lines and layering effortlessly, especially fun stuff like wearing mini skirts on top of midi dresses or cute tees under dresses. Fun Fact: In middle school, I used to wear dresses on top of flare jeans. As you can imagine, it wasn’t very popular but you won’t be laughing when it’s a killer trend in a few years…

February: Scarves

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with scarves. Years ago, I was obsessed and wore a fashion scarf with every outfit, but recently I’m just bored by them. Every scarf I own is either too thin, too bulky, too long, or too short, so I want to at least mix up my looks with a colorful statement scarf or get cozy in a warm blanket scarf that I keep seeing my fellow fashion bloggers slaying on Instagram.

March: Velvet

I looove the way velvet looks and think it’s great that it’s a specific piece of clothing that is usually worn in bright jewel tones. The texture shines in different ways and always makes for a great outfit, so I can’t wait to try this trend that seemed to dominate 2016.

April: Colorful Lipstick

There’s basically nothing I love more than lipstick, but my collection is mostly saturated with bright pinks and feisty reds. I got my first purple lipstick for Christmas and love the way it looks, so I definitely want to try more wild colors this year. Side note: I desperately want to try Kylie Lip Kits and Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks!

May: Nail Polish

My nails are stubby and minuscule, but having my nails painted makes me feel feminine and takes away from my sausage fingers and man hands, so I want to keep consistent by painting my nails a new, gorgeous color every single day… and eventually maybe I can work on nail art (but let’s be honest, that’s a stretch!)

June: Mixing Patterns

I’ve been hailed Queen of Mixing Patterns by friends and family, and even though my boyfriend laughs when I dress in a mix of stars, florals, and stripes, he’s never surprised and always loves it. This definitely isn’t a new trend for me but I want to continue taking risks with my fashion by creating the craziest combinations of colors and patterns that will make people do a double-take.

July: Rings

This is super weird, but I’ve always had an irrational fear of rings because I’m terrified they’re going to get stuck and I’ll have to amputate my finger (go ahead, you can laugh). Luckily, I have a few adjustable statement rings that I absolutely love and would love to show off even more. I think it’s amazing that our hands can be just as much a fashion canvas as the rest of our bodies.

August: Off-The-Shoulder

I’ve always been self-conscious of my shoulders so off-the-shoulder options definitely aren’t flattering for me, but it’s such a pretty look that I want to try it. It creates an interesting structure and the straight line of sleeves it makes gives a pop to a regular outfit.

September: Hair Care

It’s almost bizarre how terrible I am at fixing my hair… I mean, I just learned how to braid my own hair (poorly) last year. My hair is always a mess and I always feel like there’s never anything I can do with it, so I desperately want to figure out how to work with pretty hair-dos or fun accessories to make my plain brown hair a little less boring.

October: Menswear Inspired

Structured blazers and loose trousers are the exact opposite of my personal style, but I’ve always admired how designers tackle the rigidity of menswear and how they transform it creatively, so it might be interesting to work my own style into this trend.

November: Neutrals

I don’t think I’ve ever worn a neutral color in my life. My outfits burst with color because I have no idea how to style basics or black-and-white looks or neutrals like camel and grey, but working on toning down my outfits (literally) should make for some chic, effortless looks.

December: Clutches

I still don’t know where I stand with clutches. On one hand, I can’t imagine their purpose because they’re so small and if you’re as clumsy as me, you’re bound to drop it a million times. On the other hand, though, clutches can fit just the necessities and they seem to have tons of variety in pattern and texture, which is great for expression, so I can’t wait to style some outfits around a few key clutches.

Looks like my 2017 is going to be fashionable and fearless. What about yours? Let me know in the comments which looks you’re dying to try this year!



2 thoughts on “2017: The Year of Fearless Fashion

  1. Such a fun resolution! I definitely see a pattern in the pictures you’ve included. I hope threading that masculinity with clean lines, interesting layers, & mixed patterns will become second nature!
    PS I used to wear a pair of stretchy jeans (jeggings were not a thing yet) under my summer dresses in the fall. Errbody thought it was weird then leggings & tunics became a thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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