5 Ways to Wear your Denim Skirt

A super cute denim skirt is one of the most versatile clothing items ever. There’s dark wash denim, light wash denim, denim in different colors, decorated denim, and tons more to mix-and-match with the rest of your wardrobe. But with a simple item comes lots of power, so if you need any help figuring out how to dress your denim mini, I’ve put together 5 wildly different ways to pair it!

1. Dress Your Denim… literally. One of the cutest ways to take your denim skirt to the next level is to pair it on top of a pretty dress. You might not want to go too crazy on the colors though. Keep it light and tight, like with a white lace bodycon dress. The fit should be straight down so there’s not too much of a flair at the bottom that will get in the way of the skirt. Pair with elegant, matchy-matchy accessories for a cute, classic look.

How to Wear a Denim Skirt: Dressy Denim #1

2. Be Bold… Have some fun with your dark denim mini by pairing it with bright, bold colors (or cute pastels) and tons of vivid accessories. For warm weather, throw on a neon tanktop or stay cozy in long-sleeve stripes during sweater weather come winter time. The skirt will be the center piece that the rest of the outfit plays off of and revolves around.

How to Wear a Denim Skirt: Bright Bold Denim #3

3. Fast Forward Future… All-black outfits are dominating street style these days. It’s such an easy neutral to dress up or dress down, plus anything you wear is bound to match. Take it up a notch by pairing a black denim button skirt with super cool pops of silver. Chunky booties, statement bags, and chic chokers are on trend right now too, so you’ll turn heads with this look.


How to Wear a Denim Skirt: Denim in the Future #2

4. Festival Flower Girl… Summer music festivals are a long way off, but it can’t hurt to plan ahead. Beat the heat in an embroidered denim mini and lacy crop top with colorful accessories like cute strappy sandals, an effective (and crazy cute) crossbody, and sunhat.

How to Wear a Denim Skirt: Festival Denim #4

5. Feel the Blues… A white denim button skirt is one of the easiest pieces to style because basically anything can match. Keep a cool palette with blue tones for every other item you’re wearing. Ruffle sleeves are a cute way to add personality while a blue leather jacket stays chic, especially paired with blue velvet heels and a simple crossbody.

How to Wear a Denim Skirt: Denim & Teal #5

What’s your favorite way to wear your denim skirt? Share your ideas with me in the comments below! 


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