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Gift Guide for the Bibliophile in Your Life

I have three big passions in my life: fashion, music, and reading. I’m a total bibliophile and I love every second of it, so you’d think the perfect gift for me would be a book. You’re right: books are wonderful to receive and collect, but if you have a voracious reader in your life, you might think about gifting them some other bookish goodies and literary treats to give them a little something special to encourage their passion. Here, I’ve rounded up 20 amazing bookish gifts for the bibliophile in your life!

1. Bibliophilia Literary Postcards: The New York Public Library is a gorgeous, historic fixture of NYC, boasting incredible resources that could make any reader swoon. But if you can’t quite make it there, the library offers a great online store for bookish goodies like these literary postcards. The set of 100 postcards features famous literary quotes and unique illustrations. ($19.99 at New York Public Library’s online shop)


2. Bookshelf Travel Mug: This super cute ceramic coffee mug from a Spanish designer on RedBubble, an art product selling platform, features a wraparound print of pastel colored books with the names of famous authors. Travel mug not your thing? You can buy the design printed on a standard mug or tall mug, too! ($15 to $25 on RedBubble from SombrasBlancas)


3. “Bespectacled Book Lover” ToteObviously Barnes & Noble is the Holy Grail of books, but they also offer tons of great merchandise for readers. This crazy cute, bright blue totebag depicts a quirky illustration of a bibliophile and her many books, so it’s perfect for holding thousands and thousands and thousands of words. ($19.95 at Barnes & Noble)


4. “Little Black Book” PurseHere’s where my fashion bias comes in… I’m obsessed with Betsey Johnson. She is a colorful and creative designer, so if you’re into fashion and reading, her chic black crossbody shaped like a book is perfect for fitting your little necessities. (On sale for $61.98, originally $88, from Betsey Johnson) 


5. Library Card Pillows: Remember when the librarian at your local library would stamp a date on those yellow manila cards at the back of each book you were checking out? Now, have a full-size version of them that you can actually snuggle up to. These cute handmade pillows are available in 9 colors! ($30 from Amazon via Dirtsa Studio) 


6. Literary Giraffe Phone CaseEver wonder why giraffes are so tall? They were really made for collecting tons of books from library sales. Seriously. This cute green phone case can back me up, featuring a cartoon illustration of a book-loving giraffe. You can also buy the design for shirts, blankets, and more! (Phone case on sale for $20.30 at Threadless)


7. A subscription to Uppercase Box: Is there anything better than getting surprise packages every single month? Nope. Book subscriptions are so fun to open, and Uppercase comes with a signed book or bookplate from the author plus other bookish goodies in each box (oddly, it’s actually a bag)! ($23 a month at Uppercase) 


8. Book Quote T-ShirtIf you love books, you love words. Especially beautiful ones, like this gorgeous quote by author Annie Dillard, designed in different types of fonts on this cozy t-shirt that comes in tons of colors. ($18.95 on Zazzle from designer Kat Parrella)


9. Reading Lamp BookmarkBookmarks are a great item to collect and give your books a little extra personality, so this durable lamp-shaped bookmark that comes in red, white, and grey, is a super cute conversation starter… and place holder. ($7.99 to $8.38 on Amazon)


10. Book-Printed ScarfLitographs is an amazing online shop that prints entire books (yes, I’m serious!) on different items. You can score a super soft scarf printed with your choice of book, font, and color for a unique fashion statement. ($39 from Litographs)


11. Banned Books BraceletIf the reader in your life is a bit of a literary rebel, help them pay homage to the classics with this crazy cool stretch bracelet featuring miniature covers of brilliant banned books($24.00 from the New York Public Library online shop) 


12. Bookish Nightshirt: Wear your heart on your sleeve and your passion on your shirt… and look cute doing it. This one-size-fits-all comfy cotton sleepshirt with a bibliophile poring over a mountain of books is perfect for ending the night in.


13. Custom Book PursePossibly the most amazing item for a stylish bibliophile, a custom book purse made from actual real gorgeous books with various jewel buttons and durable handles is a truly one-of-a-kind showstopper. ($48 to $69 on Etsy via NovelCreations)


14. Books To Check Out JournalReading and writing certainly go hand-in-hand, so some bibliophiles in your life might also be addicted to cute stationary (-raises hand-). This little spiral-bound journal is sloppily (in the best way) stamped with dates just like a real library card would be. ($10.95 from New York Public Library online shop) 


15. Library Stamp SweatshirtSticking with that theme, Out Of Print Clothing has created a ridiculously soft and super cute gray sweatshirt stamped with dates that has a kangaroo pocket too. Need more incentive? The company will send one book to a community in need when you buy! ($42 from Out Of Print) 

Library Stamp Sweatshirt.jpg


16. My Bibliofile JournalChances are the reader you love is probably already using GoodReads to track their book progress, but this reading journal is the perfect print version with checklists of recommended reading lists from reputable sources and other great activities($10.99 from Amazon) 


17. Initial Book NecklaceThe perfect elegant accessory for a fashionable reader is this pretty brass necklace of an open book with realistic pages and a cute little initial charm hanging on a brass chain. ($24 from Etsy via InTheLavenderHaze) 


18. First Lines of Literature MugEarly morning reading has to come with a few cups of coffee, so get it done right with this ceramic coffee mug featuring 24 opening lines of famous works of literature, designed with different colors and fonts. ($13.95 from New York Public Library’s online store) 


19. Miniature Book EarringsEven though most of the time you want to shout your love for books to the world, sometimes being subtle is more effective, like with these adorable custom-made miniature earrings featuring intricate shrunken-down covers of your favorite classics. (On Etsy via JanDaJewelry) 


20. Book-Printed Tote Bag: If you’re looking for a spot to hold all those books you’re dying to read, Litographs’ water-resistant crisp white totebags are a winner, featuring gorgeous intricate designs built out of 20,000 words from each book($29 from Litographs) 


See anything you’re dying to snag for yourself or the bibliophile you love? Let me know in the comments! 


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