Holiday Looks

Valentine’s Day Outfit Guide by Style

Dressing up for the holidays is always fun, but Valentine’s Day is definitely the perfect time of year for getting in the holiday spirit while also showing your own personal style. I usually go crazy for Valentine’s Day, decked out in tacky heart jewelry and mixing every red and pink item in my closet together until I look like a walking 3rd grade valentine. Now that I’m older, I realize that being a fashion blogger means I should probably put down the bright pink eyeshadow and plastic pearls… instead, I’ll be putting together a super chic look that’s all about showing the love. We’re just one week away from Valentine’s Day now so I’ve styled tons of cute outfits that suit plenty of different styles. Let me know in the comments which look you’re dying to rock this year!

  Red Top with Black Pants: This is a universal combination with plenty of versatility. Fitted black trousers would look chic with a detailed camisole while lacy tops make for a fun pop to patterned black pants or sleek leather leggings.
Valentine's Day: Red Top and Black Pants
All Dressed Up: Some people love going all out for holidays (me, me!) so if you’re looking to score a dress perfect for the occasion, consider pretty lace minis or bright solids with a pair of statement heels.
Valentine's Day: All Dressed Up
Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve: If you love the cute kitsch of Valentine’s Day, definitely show it off with heart motifs and little flairs of love, like with a comfy sweater or eye-catching purse.
Valentine's Day: Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve
Pretty in Pink: Blush pink has been crazy on trend this last season, so you’ll be enchanting in soft hues of pink and white, light materials like tulle and lace, and pretty jewelry.
Valentine's Day: Pretty in Pink
Classy In Red: Comfort is still key, so if dealing with a dress in this cold weather isn’t your thing, pair a nice pair of jeans with classic dark red tops (ruffles always win) or tuck a cute sequined sweater into a pretty skirt.
Valentine's Day: Classy in Red
However you style yourself for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to share the love with your family and friends! (And make sure you eat all the chocolates and Sweethearts you want… but save some for me)

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