Event Recap: Restyling at Pandora Jewelry

Yesterday, the Pandora jewelry store in the Westchester mall held a restyling event for their customers. The idea of the event was to encourage customers to find their own personal style, which can be accomplished by mixing and matching different Pandora pieces. Collections showcased included ripped jeans (think cool girl with an edge!), beauty queen (tons of pink and sparkle), glamorous (glitzy gold), and more. Now, I’m sharing a couple pics from yesterday’s event in case you missed out…

The front of Pandora was decked out in blue balloons and an informational board.

Pandora offered adorable mini cupcakes, lots of sweet treats, water, and free lotion from L’Occitane to any customers. The ring bar was a huge hit because gorgeous gems and charms were available to try out. One of my favorite parts was the personal style quiz presented in which you answered a few questions and the results determined which two styles most match you. The quiz didn’t work too well for me because the first section I filled out, I happened to choose an answer corresponding to every single different style… so basically I’m gutsy, ripped jeans, true romantic, and glamorous. That’s what I get for being an eclectic fashion blogger, I guess. Can’t complain!

From left to right: refreshments served, jewelry on display, style quiz.

Two sweet customers came in early to check out the jewelry and let me grab a few pictures of their bracelets. They mentioned that last year, they went to Pandora (at a different location) and bought matching friendship bracelets with all their favorite gals! So sweet. Later, my soon-to-be sister-in-law (!!!) Marisa stopped by to visit. She took the style quiz and got “a little bit gutsy, a little bit true romantic.” She was also wearing her pretty Pandora ring so I snapped a pic of it.

Lots of sparkling Pandora bling and Marisa posing with her style quiz.

Tons of customers stopped by to browse the collections. Luckily, the ladies at Pandora were all helpful and knowledgeable about the product which led to some great sales.

From left to right: Megan helping customers at the Ring Bar, Rachel helping a customer with a bracelet purchase, Marisa checking out the earrings, a customer stunned by all the charms, and a customer browsing the Disney charm collection.

I headed to the event wearing a pretty Pandora pendant necklace and a gorgeous crystal clasp bracelet. Huge thanks to Stephanie at Synergy Beauty Bar in White Plains for my super cute purple manicure during the event! Even bigger thanks to her for scrubbing off my 32878 layers of teal nailpolish I had on first that ended up making my hands look like Sully from Monster’s Inc… Definitely loving this pretty pastel for springtime!

My Pandora bling and my new manicure courtesy of Synergy Beauty Bar

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